Tagtool Chink Chank 2010

Die Wassergasse lädt am Wochenende (23.-25.4.) zu einer internationalen Zusammenkunft rund um das Tagtool in die Kunstwerkstatt. Beim heurigen Event “Chink Chank” steht der gesellige Austausch zwischen verschiedenartigen Tagtool-Projekten im Vordergrund. Am Programm stehen aber auch untertags Workshops, Arbeitsgruppen und Präsentationen. Die Abende werden mit Performances und Jams gestaltet (freie Spende). Tagtooler aus neun verschiedenen Ländern haben sich bereits für die Teilnahme angemeldet; aber vor allem Tullnern soll das Event Gelegenheit bieten, das heimische Projekt besser kennen zu lernen.

He sounds like CHANK when you hit him

In 2009, we hosted the Tagtool Think Tank, our first attempt to bring together people in a physical location to discuss the future development of the project. We were extremely happy with the vibe and the turnout of these three days. The Think Tank was focused on the discussion around the software side of things.

This year, we’d like to expand the vocabulary of Tagtoolistas around the world. “Chinking” is a collective mental activity, where a thought never stays in one person’s brain for long, but is passed on straight away into the fish bowl of ideas on which the Tagtool boat floats – known as the “Chank”.

OMA International invites you to take part in the Tagtool Chink Chank 2010, a community event at her headquarters in Tulln, Austria, from 22nd to 25th of April. Featuring workshops, discussions, work sessions, jams and performances.

At last year’s event we were astonished by the turnout of a very interested and international crowd – the first time we physically felt the existence of a Tagtool community. Last year’s surprise will be this year’s main focus. Let’s jam, tinker, and chink.

The venue is the venerable Kunstwerkstatt in Tulln, Austria. It will be divided into two zones. The first one (the Chink area) it’s all about exchanging knowledge and ideas. In Open Mic sessions people can present their (more or less) Tagtool related projects or ideas. In moderated discussions we want to pose some questions concerning the future development of the project. And in work sessions we want to put together informal task forces to work on things that improve the state of the project – like writing up documentation for the Wiki.

The Chank area is where the jams and performances take place. Don’t expect a flat projection screen though – throughout the whole event, the place will morph and mutate in all three dimensions. Also there will be a Tagtool Mini DIY workshop for those who want to learn how to build a Tagtool.

We at OMA International are looking forward to seeing you. If you plan on staying over, that’s ok – just drop us an email and tell us your name, arrival and departure date.

Schedule of Activities

2 Areas:
Chink – Talking, Nerding, Chinking
Chank – Soldering, Building, Jamming

Thursday 22nd Chink Chank
6pm – 10pm Arrivals – Open sessions & socialising
Friday 23rd Chink Chank
10am – 5pm Work groups Tagtool Mini DIY Workshop – Part 1
6pm – 8pm Open Mic
8pm – 10pm Performances & Jams
10pm – open end Chill-out Open Session
Saturday 24th Chink Chank
10am – 1pm Work groups Tagtool Mini DIY Workshop – Part 2
2pm – 5pm Moderated Discussion
6pm – 8pm Open Mic
8pm – 10pm Perfomances & Jams
10pm – open end Party Open Session
Sunday 25th Chink Chank
2pm – 8pm Work groups – Presentation of Results Open Session
9pm – open end Jam Sessions

Work groups: People can get together in groups to tackle a few jobs that benefit the Tagtool community. It’s also a great way for people who have some Tagtool experience but want to get a better insight into things.

Tagtool Mini DIY Workshop: Learn how to build your own Tagtool Mini. If you want to participate, please register with iink ( = Matthias = Itzi) – just drop him an email. Please note that the total cost for the components is 80 Euros, to be paid at the start of the workshop.

Open Mic: Anybody can show off or tell us about their – more or less – Tagtool related projects and activities. If you want to participate, please register with Gnu (= Josef = Seppi) before the session.

Performances: Performances by experienced Tagtoolers & musicians.

Jams: Musicians and Tagtoolers are welcome to improvise together in sessions hosted by iink & Maki.

Party: Hosted by the notorious Ginyu Force

Open Session: Anybody can walk up to the Tagtool and try their luck


Kunstwerkstatt Tulln | Albrechtsgasse 18 | 3430 Tulln | Austria
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